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Testimonials about Transformative Quiet Times

Heather Lee Graphic Artist

It would change the lives of families

I've found your Transformative Quiet Times course really helpful. It's something I'm in the habit of doing consistently now. If pastors could encourage their flock in just this one area alone it would change the lives of families as it has mine.

Gloria Rodriguez

Before Transformative Quiet Times I did not know how to have the discipline to engage with God. Now I have a clear direction. I have learned the purpose and the way to approach my God relationship. Darryl does a wonderful job in guiding and directing our path to God. He offers many reading and teaching materials and even a sermon or two. He did not focus on any denomination. He taught from the Bible specifically. He is an honest man and very interested in his students wellbeing. He is ready to support his flock. Thank you Darryl.

Steven Pretsel

Transformative Quiet Times has given me a very clear purpose for my quiet times and has helped me to grow in spiritual maturity. It's a very practical, adaptable, and manageable course that will have ongoing benefits for years to come. I have no hesitations to recommend it to others, it's definitely worth the investment!


More understanding

Knowing God’s purpose for us in this life and the means of attaining it are crucial to those who want to change and live godly lives. The lessons in Modules 1 and 2 are of great value because they are based on God’s Word and they go in depth to explain His purpose and give us direction as to how to accomplish the change our hearts desperately need. I have already gained so much more understanding and encouragement in these modules than I have ever received in this area – so excited about this course!

Andrew Woodfield

The foundations of the Christian life are critical to long term effectiveness in living for Christ. In "Transformative Quiet Times" you will discover the foundations to building a healthy and strong Christian walk. If you want your love for Christ to continue to grow over time, then you need to know how this happens. "Transformative Quiet Times" is not a program you follow as much as it is a way of life you adopt. This training is clear, concise, real to life, directive but most of all life changing. I highly recommend it to every believer, new or old.

Jocelyn Young

Knowing the purpose of having a quiet time - as a tool God can use in our pursuit of godliness - makes it so much more worthwhile than just ticking the box that it has been done! Also, the suggestion that it doesn't have to be every single day was remarkably freeing. I would recommend this course to any Christian who is keen to see spiritual growth in their life.

Judith Hayles

Now I'm changing...

I have (historically) viewed my quiet time as similar to time with a close friend - meetings to keep the relationship current and growing, to know each other better, to avoid 'drifting apart'. Now I'm changing (as a result of this course) towards a focus on becoming more Christ-like, or holy. This comes from a growing understanding that God's purpose for us all is sanctification.